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    What this all is about

    This is the place where you can discuss all our tools, Armor Inspector, Map Inspector and others not yet announced :), ask questions, provide feedback, suggestions and ideas. This is also the main support portal for all our tools, if you have issues with our apps, don't hesitate to start new topic and we will reply as soon as possible.

    There are also General discussions section on the forum. Here we will post our ideas we consider to implement, guides, explanations of the mechanics and other researches. Feel free to share materials you find valuable for other users.

    Where do I start

    If you're not familiar with our tools, check for example Armor Inspector. Armor Inspector is the application for World of Tanks game showing the tanks armor in details for PC, Blitz and Console versions. If you'd like to know how the WoT mechanics works, check the guides in the General discussions section.

    If you have your own website and would like to put there our Armor Inspector or Map Inspector widgets, check the "For developers" sections.

    How to use this forum

    This forum has two kinds of views: flat and hierarchical. You can switch between views using the topmost menu. Threads will show all threads in flat manner, while Categories will allow you to browse the categories.

    The forum uses Wargaming OpenID as authentication provider. Which means if you want to post something you need to login with your WG account. Once you click on Sign-In button you will be redirected to wargaming's login page where you need to enter your credentials. We don't have access to your email or password.

    Once you logged in I would suggest to edit your profile and put your real email address in the profile settings. This is completely optional and you may use the forum without editing your profile at all, but if you'd like to receive email notification when someone replies to your post the actual email address is needed to be set. You can do it by clicking on your avatar and choosing the 'Change options'.


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