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    the art of driving tog**

    Hello guys and gals,
    Most people will make jokes and have fun when u drive a tog.
    It makes the game a lot of fun and a great relaxing experience.
    However most people will consider it a terrible tank overall and that is not true.
    Played to its strengths, the tog is a formidable weapon, capable of winning many games.

    With the introduction of more and more light tanks, the gameplay is becoming much faster, and faster is not always friend with the Mighty tog. However, may you manage to impose your pace to all these mosquito tanks, you will be successful.


    I'm sure a lot of you make comments when they see a tog.
    togII* are famous for being the most useless tank in the game.
    On the other hand, anyone owning a tog will tell you they are funny tanks.
    finally, it will put a smile in 14 players.

    but who ever knew that TogII* was OP ? Just OP as in "ridiculously overpowered"
    ok I can see you don't believe me so I will just add this below :


    I let's start with the flaws. I will agree with you, it has (a few) drawbacks and mainly just this one will make you lose with certainty :

    1- supremacy

    v3.0 added supremacy mode where need to cap several bases disant from each other.
    playing a slow tank solo with supremacy mode on does make things more complicated. Enemies will cap two bases and go hide far. you can't cap more than one base and you can't Move to find them either. Faster tanks with smarter driver will win 100% without you ever seeing them.
    In platoon, you might be able to defend one base, while your mate is contesting or keeping the other one next to it, to organize cover fire for each other, but even that is sketchy.
    I still played supremacy, my winrate fell from the 70s to the 60s which is still acceptable but it’s additional stress more than fun, and certainly not efficient. As a result I recommend the regular random encounter mode.
    Turn supremacy off, and you have removed half of the tog’s flaws.

    2- the yolo teams

    Once the question of supremacy is resolved, the main problem is being alone and unsupported.
    just like any slow tank, if ever your entire team runs away to meet early death as fast as possible, then you will be alone facing seven tanks. Don't ever try to catch up with the yolo team. It's hopeless and will put you in full exposure in the worst position when reds will turn to you.
    It might be interesting to note that sometimes they can win without you, but that's unlikely to ever happen anyway, leatncounting on it.

    Interestingly, to the opposite of most tanks, your best team is a total novice team, because they won't go anywhere. They will camp at spawn, or will follow you easily. Your worst team is the "think they are tuff heroes" and "full yolos", because they will make jokes about you before game starts, then they rush and die, and will be of no use for you. Then they will rage at you all remaining of the game. I always top their damage in the result screen, BTW.

    That's it, no more flaws.
    So now, how is it OP ? Let's look at its strength :


    1- DPM + HP pool

    Anyone playing one vs one with you will lose.
    Tog has the best DPM and best hp pool in tier 6 AND most of tier7 as well. Trading shots won't do your enemy much good. Introduction of MM+-1 was a treat for a few tanks, and tog was one of them. spam adrenaline. The faster they die, the more hp you have to serve next incoming ennemy. You should have enough for two minimum, three with some help. My tog serves fully 2-4 red customers most games. With a Toonmate, even more is possible. That balances how many allies have rushed to die on the far side of the map.

    2- the traverse.

    Of course the traverse is horrible. But the turret traverse is excellent ! The turret is standard from the Cromwell, and other brits, meaning that it will never allow anyone to escape. As much as you can reload, you can shoot your target and never miss.

    3- accurate gun and permatrack

    your gun is amazingly accurate. Always aim the tracks.
    anyone coming to give you a short visit will stay, married until death parts you. Read what happens to them in point 1 above.
    the best is when they try to peek a boom, (which they always try) and you track them with their tanks behind the wall, just the front wheel showing. Bleed them to death, they can't shoot you.

    4- base.

    On relevant maps (most maps I mean) tell your team that you will take base and ask them to stay and snipe from behind you and into base. (Rememeber, if they were to go anywhere except near you, you lose anyway). Once you cap base, Red team will have to pay you a visit. Read what happens to them in point 2 above.
    oh, and in case you attempt to take base and you have never practiced before, please read this, it might help you :

    5- close combats.

    snipers will bleed you to death, without you seeing them. Always stay cover and force them to come close. (Use point 3 above on how to make them come).
    once close, they think they will feast on you... Fatal Error they made !!!
    They will find that no existing tank is able to COD you. You are too long. Your turret traverse faster than their speed. You can track them every shot.

    6- the platoon

    Of course this apply to any tank. A good platoon mate, what else to have fun ? Qatar oodd stats platoon mate , what else to learn a few tricks and get some bump in the winrate ?
    But for tog, it is especially true in tow ways. First of all , your team won't abandon you alone. It will only abandon you together. Much better now.
    secondly. Double the HP pool, double the DPM. This in its own, might be the tipping point, mathematically impossible to overcome. They will lack firepower to climb that cliff of HP u have.
    I mentioned by the time they kill you, you can kill two of them easily ? Make it four dead easily now.
    Thanks to Huwie for the platoon in the series above, his tog did even better than mine, and every game was a 2vs7 :)
    A double Tog platoon really rocks !

    7- ennemies assumptions.

    this is a strong point of many overlooked tanks. Enemies will always underestimate you grossly.People do not expect you to participate in the battle. By the time they will realize their mistake when when their fate is sealed I often have fat jokes and funny comments in the first minute. And I often have angry comments or sincere wows and yays after the battle is over.

    8- the armor

    The armed is the strong point of tog.
    I can here someone laughing ? You poor thing know nothing. TOG is the full master of backwards Sidescrapping. Yes, backwards Sidescrapping.
    Ahah! You are not laughing anymore now are you ?
    Always drive to a wall, and stick your behind in the wall, while you shoot them over your rear, slightly to the sides. Instant success.


    Look at this :

    tier 7 Russian IS 122mm top gun. One of the biggest gun, one tier above you.
    All blue is 0% pen and white 100%
    look survival rate : IS dead in 38 seconds, tog survives with 1540hp.

    What his pen will be : :


    This is is your angle


    but, how ???
    the flaw : your turret is the only weak spot. very weak. But your behind is easily covered into a rock.


    the armor of the tog is ultra thin. Everyone knows that.
    BUT !
    Your hull is so long, that when you angle the shot will come at a steep angle and won't be able to penetrate, AP or APCR, even the best tier7 APCR of any caliber. Given the correct angle, your flanks are impervious to any gun you will meet. The length makes it very easy to set an auto bounce angle.
    The rule that the shell caliber needs to be 3 times the thickness of the amor to overmatch the autobounce angle. With 63/76 mm on the flanks, the tog will easily autobounce any 152mm shells, as long as they fall upon sufficiently angled armor plates.


    If they use autoaim, they wil most likely miss where it can pen. Especially PC autoaim locks into the center of mass and faster tanks need to use autoaim. they will then shoot into the hull without ever damaging ur weak point : the turret.

    Troll hitskin.

    No autoaim. The best part is that autobounce isn't displayed in the game. They will always see it As full penetration, and bounce the hull every time. First they think is bad luck, so they try again, and panic !!! They don't have the opportunity to try three times. The smartest will shoot in the turret but you still have the DPM.
    in fact, the "track well" weakspot isn't displayed as a weakspots. Because the tracks will hide the hitskin and many drivers avoid hitting the tracks, for unreliable damage depending on tanks and angle.
    So they will often avoid the track well and shoot the hull, which will bounce.


    Raise your rear if possible : it will also make your sloped behind another autobounce zone.

    DOs - DONTs


    this is a unique tank. It requires unique strategies.


    Don't try to go to your usual places or comfort zone. it won't have the expected armor or speed or thing that usually make it works.it will fail miserably at Doing things that it can't do.


    don't drive endlessly trying to catch up with your team.you will be caught pant down in the MIDLE of nowhere and snipers and meds will feast upon you. The game will freeeee for a minute with 7 reds tanks shooting at you, and your teammates doing nothing, shaking heads and thinking, I knew it. What a noob can buy a tog... They will think that you are ruining their winrate.



    do organize the team around yourself (I have said it already haven't I?)

    Set up correctly

    set et up shop early. You can move around, when reds are spotted and you know where they are going and how the battle will unfold, go to a rather central place, urban areas with tiny lanes and choke points. Place your rear into that wall, look above your rear upon the road that reds will appear from. And wait. Have one or two people hiding in the far and snipe them and clean your back. (Toon mate certified better here). And Wait for the reds to come. Don't worry, they want to kill you, they will come. As mentioned elsewhere, set up shop in base, they will come.

    know your natural ennemies.

    anyone who can take half your health in a single shot is your enemy, particularily if they can shoot HE (ur armor relies on autobounce angle, which rule derp HE doesn't obey to).
    KV2, SU, etc... These needs to be avoided, until they have shot. once empty, immediately track and DPM them and bleed them to death. I can take a full KV2 down, but it really hurts receiving a single blow from him. Battle can be lost in that single shot from a derp gun.
    When you see such a guy, this is what you should do : hide until he has to derp someone else. Then immediately come out and ruin his day.

    Buy a tog

    You can find tog in the tech tree as a premium tier 6 British tank and you can buy it anytime for gold, if you can't wait to try for yourself. If you wanna wait, a couple of times a year, they run some 10% off. Which will reward your six months of waiting with the saving of about one euro.

    read what other people say :


    that one proves that the tog is for people who have a heart. The poets, the dreamers, anyone who appreciate the time to make a slaughter properly in the traditional style.

    mostly trollish jokes but why would you be driving a tog if you were against a bit of trollish fun ?

    This is update six of this guide. Please leave any comment or question below, I will answer them to my best.

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    well I need to add a few things :

    TOG platoon

    Tog platoons are fun. They are also diabolically effective, but they are fun.
    In fact, whenever you drive togs you almost immediately attract lots of jokes in the chat.
    People cheer up and immediately the game becomes much more relaxing.

    TOG concept and history

    Yes, as crazy as the tank looks, uts a real tank and they did build one.
    "they don't build them like that anymore" which, by the way, is the entire principle behind the concept of the historical togII : a WW1 tank appearing for WW2
    You can read more about the British design here :

    In the game, TOG has never been played a lot, and there has been so many new premium tanks in the spotlight recently.
    It is always a rare tank, and yet it is cheap and in the tech tree all year round. This is something unexplained.

    blood pumping and adrenaline release

    i was a rusher and yolo noob. The taste of adrenaline when alone and surrounded by multiple enemies has always been my favorite part of this game.

    British tanks provide that. Instead of rushing forward, they lag behind, instead of dying first, they die last, but the experience in either the Black Prince line or the AT15 line share this : you will find yourself against 2,3,4 enemies and your entire game will be peparing yourself for these 30 seconds of adrenaline rush.

    this might be why I like the tog and playing British lines in general. No more yolo noob style, but still the hardcore multi enemy sweat time.
    this also explains why the strategy needs to be so different from other tanks. No need for early spotting, flanking, or anything orthodox like that. Just set up a giant DPM ambush and wait.

    The influence of the meta

    The game environment is constantly changing. New lines, new maps, new game modes.
    Maybe your tog is not living through the happiest times ? Several things worth mentioning :

    first, games tends to clutter in series, you will have a series of good games, then a series of bad games. In the good series we feel like we are amazing players, whereas we simply go beyond our skills. When the bad series is there, we think it's the tank or the team :/ it just normalizes over long periods.

    Secondly, the tank introduced in the past year were all faster and faster lines, it made the game balance go against the tog pace, and especially any semi competent player will go around you. What I wrot above is best against non turreted tds and heavie's, as they will struggle to gain an advantage against you angling properly. Luckily we might see a rebalance from WG with the introduction of heavier lines and the announced nerfs in lights and meds. We will see.

    third, as shown by Jylpah, the average duration of a game shortened a lot in the past years even in the past six month, and this is due to several factors, including some above.

    Finally, supremacy is really not for tog, at least not solo. Tog could take and guard the closest base, but you need a team to fight and conquere another base or flank the reds if they charge you. Well team tend to scatter away and chase all together a single light tank or inspect the spawn game duration, these are not good conditions for a tog to win a supremacy game

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    So, reading the above I decided to ride my tog into the horizon, to decide if really tog is dead or hype.

    i played solo and supremacy, the worst conditions.
    Let's be clear you should never play supremacy with togs without a faster mate. if last red with one hp takes two bases and hides, you will lose. Luckily they always attempted to kill me, to their demise.
    got medal (1) twice in 6 games and made top damage every time, except once when my entire team went countryside super fast and erased enemy there. Some of those wins you want to yell noobs at your team.

    ​won game
    This game is a win.
    I shot 14, and penned 14
    I received 13, bounced 8 and got hurt for 5
    It's a good score, those shots didn't go into my team either.
    It illustrate the strengths of the tank :
    even multiple enemies can’t shoot you as many times as you shoot them
    Your hp pool and (funny) armor will spare the life of your mates.
    If you combine these you make the win a very simple and likely outcome.

    Double check the marks for assisted damage... that’s because I never forget to permatrack people. Added xp and credits and keeping enemies near my gun :)

    Funny moment
    This position is so funny. Started thinking to backsidescrap into that rock to my right, but before I got into position he had already bounced one, I thought he had autoaim, and all his shots started to autobounce on my engine deck so I decided to attack him with my rear, and he bounced total 3 and penned only once... Meanwhile I shoot him six times and he died. I think he might remember the sight for a long time.



    I tried to reproduce the situation in Armor inspector, but it is not very clear which distance or height you sit at. It looks like there are large green weakspots, but remember Auto bounce doesn't appear in the game red hitskin ? so it looked to him like I was entirely green and he could pen me everywhere, whereas in fact it was mostly auto bounce and he couldn’t guess where the weakspots where. Plus, after the second bounce, the panic effect ... “cheater” :) of course.
    So my guess is that his gun was seeing something like this :

    lost game
    I lost that one but how can you win with such teams?

    Conclusion :
    tog is still the hype. Avoid supremacy as it is extra complication and you will be fine.
    You will get comments and pretty long stares. One T-1 heavy rode along me for a long time, his turret turned to me the entire time.. He will want one for sure.
    Damage wise it's enjoyable, some long range shots are lost, and that's too bad because you really want to kill these Draculas before they come close. If WG someday wanted to give it a buff, it would be in the accuracy. And maybe turret speed. It doesn't need these buffs, ,but is there any reason to refuse a buff ? And seeing that tog is not very flooding the fields right now, who knows ?

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    I’ve not had my Tog long and not sure if you’re still updating this, but I love my Tog and found this guide invaluable, it’s early doors, only 67 battles but 61.19 WR which is awesome for me! So thanks Mini :)