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    The art of capping

    This was written for the encounter mode. for supremacy, see the next post.

    Capping means the action of capturing the base. It never meant you need to stay until 100. That depends on your goal.
    noob means a new player, or a player with ignorance. i never considered it an insult in anyway.
    I was noob until my 12.000th game and I found amazing players who explained most of what I know now.

    Introduction :

    The game indicate to new players : "you win if base is captured to 100 or when all ennemies are removed". Most people have tried in their first game to find the base and cap it. At tier 3, most players have learnt that this is not a viable strategy. After this lesson, they never cap anymore.

    So why capping is even a mechanic in the game ? There are many good use of the cap.

    Wrong capping

    The wrong capping is the one noobs use all the time : cap without a purpose or situational awareness. Just go blindly there and sit or camp with no support until u are dead from being shot on 3 sides.

    abandonning your team.

    go there and cap while all reds will decimate entire greens
    this is wasting time and Dpm and not helping the team, and red guns will turn to you sooner or later. Fail. Most people stop doing that at tier3 but occasionally some player in tier7/8 will still do it, especially when driving a premium with no previous experience.

    ignoring your team again

    go there and cap while greens will decimate entire reds
    it's a total waste of otherwise good XP and credits earnings.

    Good capping

    About the good use of the caps, it's impossible to list them all, you can creatively elaborate new ones all the time, conditions permit. As most things in this game, it's extremely sensitive to when and how. Below is opportunity of good capping by yourself or in small numbers.

    the classic

    last enemy is a fast tank and your team is composed of slow tanks ?
    Just cap and wait. Don't chase him, don't exit the base at any time. You should have decided to be close to cap at minute 5 in the game. That is -2 minutes to the end. Plan more time to travel to the base, according to your tank speed.
    Once in the cap, do not expose yourself, use as much concealment as possible, and force him to come as close and as exposed in an open area as possible, because what you want is to kill him and to make sure he won’t escape again.
    Especially don’t delay going to the cap. Because you will need to cap, and he will try to reset, so you will need time to cap again, which might take several attempts. Any second wasted might lose you a game.

    slow superheavies

    You have tremendous amount of armor but are slow ?
    Just go near cap, wait until reds are busy all around and enter the cap to put pressure on them. Timing is especially important if you are not top tier. Tanks like AT2, tog**, Kv4 or even Löwe on occasion may play this well, either for lack of mobility, strong armor, or both.
    Doing this you will call for enormous amount of incoming fire. Finding the perfect angle for your tank to punish the incoming invaders is key to success.

    cap has natural cover and protection ?

    Go inside and snipe as the reds strive to come. Works depending on many conditions, of course on fails bridge map but including hopeless fort rock field or other maps you wouldn't expect.
    Recently the devs have drastically reduced cover on many bases. It’s a sad thing as it reduces the ability to play on the capping mechanics of the game, and reduces your gameplay options basically.

    Don’t think that middleburg can be capped. From the hill, the entire cap is exposed, except for a single tank’s position. As a single tank, you will never survive a sudden invasion with more fire than you have HP. From the hill to the cap it takes a few seconds, and they can arrive from any angle. I see it fail all the time. You can do it on many maps, you can only do it on middleburg with a single caller and overall massively superior firepower.

    fast tanks

    You have the fastest tank of the teamlist ? They only have superslow ?
    Go cap first thing in game. They will all come for you and you escape there. While Your team knows their location and can surround them, they are exposed to fire all around and have no clue where the fire comes from. You are a bait and this is a valid trap strategy. If your team really has two brain cells ( I know, I know, it’s rare) they will have an easy game even if you die there.
    Some good exemple is on copperfield on mid tiers. Several reds will come down, and your goal is to have them all trapped in the low ground where they can’t come up and out again.

    superslow tank

    You are a slow lower tier heavy with a trash gun ? Red team has no upper tier med ?
    if they have upper tier medium it's fail as he will come quickly kill you and return to business. while reds are engaged in other places. If they don’t, Sneak in the cap. You might die but it will force the reds to give up fight and move through the map. This will greatly reduce the pressure on your teammates so timing it perfectly is most capital there. If your teammates can make use of that shift (I know, team mates what word is that nowadays?) the loss in red upper tier HP will far exceed your lower tier HP in weight, and your gun was useless to begin with.

    the far call

    All reds are gaining the upper hand in a far corner of the map and you happen to be near the cap ?
    Especially if reds are a lot of heavies, typically if their fast tanks yoloed early and died, the game will become campy and cap will rapidly make them panic and split, then rush and being caught spotted in the open. your team will gain local numerical superiority and regain the advantage. At that point, just escape before they reach your ass.

    the super heavy massive lock.

    your team and red team massively go head to head on far side of the map ?
    Go cap alone. None of the red can accept to give up as they drill your team, meanwhile you cap to 100, with 6 green dead and 7 reds live. scary, but a very self satisfying win every time. Recently caps have become more exposed, tanks have become faster, and this situation is getting rarer. But who knows, you might still meet this opportunity. Vineyards, rockfield, even canyon, Mayan and other maps can reach 100.


    the “just kidding” move

    i often cap till 99 or even 100 and exit right there, to decal myself. but only if I have time to do full cap again or if I know the reds are totally screwed. I love the collectively skipped heartbeat when we reach 100 and the base rested itself. You can almost sense it.
    Not actually capping will give more credits and xp potentially to your platoonmate, it might give the red the false impression that he has a chance to win or decal and will pay you a visit ( in fact giving you more of his life and hp)

    conceal yourself

    On an average basis, Red teams are not more organized than green teams and often players don’t keep track of the minimap or teamlist. Remaining unspotted keeps them confused about your identity. It is often wise to remain concealed while in base. If they see you are a slow tank with 12hp they might send only one guy. If they imagine you might be a top tier full health boss, they will send you more people, which is your goal.
    Reciprocately, If they are 120 hp and you are full health they might drown themselves or settle upon a timeout. If they can’t tell how is your health there is more chance that they come say hi. The panic effect to meet you full health is totally worth it.

    Do not

    Exit base because there is an easy kill who just went to hide behind a corner.
    Exit and kill him only if you have low capping points anyway, if more reds will show soon from the other side, u have decided to never cap again, or you have ample time to cap again.
    But in most cases attempting to chase him will lead to failure. Just cap and don't worry he will show up again.


    again, many good use of the cap, can't list them all.

    The very special art of team capping.


    why cap circles are so big ? Because they should accommodate all 7 tanks with some room to maneuver.


    Up to four tanks The more tanks in the circle, the faster the capping. Holly cow have you ever capped any map with all 7 tanks ? Reds would better be really close by because there is no time to say HUFF.


    Also why 7 tanks ? Because each tank earns and keeps his own capture points until being shot.
    Players with more cap points should hide and people with no points should protect them. Even die in front of them. by coming forward and shielding his allies, he will prevent any further capture point loss. Even if he dies, he becomes an invincible wall rotecting the cap.
    New reds attempting to invade or reset will have an ever increasing trouble finding who really owns the cap points between seven targets and resetting becomes even harder. When a red tank comes full speed in and shoot his first tank, the cap count doesn’t reset and he is on reload with 3 or more guns pointing at him, I can assure you this is a fun experience. I mean, not for the red guy.

    meeting instadeath

    besides, any single red or even platoon red showing up will most likely receive several shots at once. Not many tanks can survive 4 shots. Meanwhile he jas time reset only 1 tank at the best. This turns the game into 7 vs 6 in seconds. Any red coming at this point have more and more chance of installing and placing their team at a further deficit.


    For a good 30% of the maps all7 capping is such an effective strategy !
    Hopeless fort, goldville, port bay, many others can be capped that way. if red has any camper, or any tank venturing in the far side, and don't decide to rush all together, they loose. Even if they rush they usually are more exposed as most map have some protection.P, and the difference of speed between their tanks means they will only show up one by one.



    Even 6 tanks is a valuable strategy. If you need to be only 6 capping :
    have your huge maus or AT2 Sidescrapping ahead of the red incoming route, and barring the entry. Nobody can get close before he is dead. Flanking the barrier such as cod the AT will expose you entirely to the cap and will not reset it. Driving all around the map to circumvent it is more time for the cap count.

    The surprising derp.

    Have your huge alpha gun snipe and cover the base at an angle to shoot reds from the flank or back side. Trying to aim and guess in front of 6 tanks which to shoot at while you receive 600 or more HE damage in the a s s can give you some doubts about your skills and intentions.
    have a scout spotting that they followed all together follow the redline around the map strategy. Guarantee none of them can make it in time If one of their mediums rushes, scout should engage him and track him.

    the trap

    Arrange all team in a half circle sniping inside the cap. Have one tank cap as a bait. Enemy will be multishot with no chance of getting cover.


    1- team cap Needs to be made as early in game as possible.
    2- team needs convincing 6 noobs, which is easiest part once they decided to leave spawn. On the other hand convincing 6 non noobs is in fact much harder, usually semi noobs and semi pro will say you are crazy, never cap again, die, and won't join or help you. They will probably help you fail instead, and rage at you.

    Do not

    1- go alone. If you go alone rules are entirely different, obviously
    2- Don't do it if reds are entire mediums team : of course the slower they are, the more fun there is in the cap.
    3- big no-no when greens have bad viewrange and reds have advantageous sniping position over the cap. They would reset from afar and you would get decimated one by one and it's a guarantee fail.
    4- Noobs peeking out or even exiting cap one by one to get their own little shot or kill at a red is of course big fail whereas the entire point is to retract very compactly together and hide and shield one another.

    sad truth

    Unfortunately as I mentioned, hardly anyone knows how to cap. Organizing a massive cap hasn’t happened in ages, partly because the playerbase believe it or not has become more formatted against the cap than in old days. Unicums want to chase damage numbers. Noobs wont even cap in a supremacy game. In betweeners holdnit for a truth tha the cap is for noobs.
    but even if I haven’t done it in a year, I have done it countless times and all were hilarious moments, and i hold very found memories of them all.

    final word

    This thread is in memory of Edurace, a fellow pro capper from the EU server. He is missed dearly.
    I personally platooned with him much, at a time when I was still a noob. Drunk or sober, he was more a gentleman than many, and a better player than me.
    Edurace Easter egg on the blitz mayan map

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    Note for v3,5 and beyond

    With recent maps capping is not as easy as it was before, especially the loss of the old falls creek. This was a mighty cap base. That map could teach you the do’s and don’ts and the do’s would be highly successful. Because of this experience, people were able to then also apply the practice and win the cap on most other maps.
    The changes to a few maps mostly changed the practice of the player base and the understanding of the cap mechanics has been lost. This is sad as it reduces the strategic choices available and therefore makes games more repetitive.

    In the end some maps are still good for capping, and I will cap every time conditions will permit to gain me an advantage.

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    Supremacy :
    supremacy is really based on capping.
    Doing damage or even killing all 7 reds is not enough. If base reaches 100, even seconds after the last red died, the game is given to the team who capped. this precedence of capping over kills is the opposite of the encounter mode, but proves enough that capping should be the priority.

    There are two types of maps, 3bases and 4bases.
    As soon as you have capped a base, the points will add up to 1000, where the game is won. You don't need to stay in base as soon as the base is captured, you should in fact exit.
    There is only one way to reduce the base points : one tank removal will make his team lose 30 or 40 points, which is not much.
    but for this reason, and especially for the interdiction of an area that you can create, staying alive with 10hp for as long as possible might even be more important than in the regular game.

    Maps areangements
    ​maps have three or four bases. Three bases are either aligned or in a triangle.

    1. Four bases
      Usually four bases situations, one base is close to each team. And two more bases are out of immediate reach, eithre equidistant from both teams. Either far and exposed enough that rushing will give no decisive result.
      with four bases, the good strategy really depends very much on your tank skills, and especially team composition. so until I have a clearer opinion, one that is easy to share with you, I won't present it further here.

    Three bases general recommendation
    This main importance for capping over damage means that for most maps, you should go to the side where the two bases are, as opposed to the side with a single base. This will lead to most maps main routes being inverted (left instead of right, r instead of l) compared to the encounter games.
    three bases play differently according to the layout of the bases :
    three bases form a triangle, where each team has sort of a proprietary base close by the spawn, the third base is equidistant and placed on the medium route
    Three bases are aligned, where all three bases are placed upon a line equidistant from both team spawns

    Three bases in triangle
    this situation is found in maps like vineyard, Middleburg, and others. Many times it will resembles the case of a map with four bases. Each team should cap the near base as a proprietary base as soon as possible, the far base will be contended, and then it turns into an attrition game of small difficult bits of advantage taken away the adversary until the win.

    however there is something to be done about this : preventing enemy from capping their own base.
    one tank is enough to cap the green proprietary, easy base. another force of tanks should dedicate itself onto preventing the enemy to cap their own base. In several map, there is a direct line of spotting and line of fire into their proprietary base. So one fast scout tank should go spot enemy base, and the rest should be in position to snipe into it, Especially a big alpha TD or heavy should make damage in there, even blind shooting HE if needed. That delay in points will give advantage for the duration of the game and most likely will win the game later. Even the damage made should give an advantage for brawling and contending later on.
    In the meantime, having the early knowledge of how much strength enemy has placed inside his own base, the green main force should have invaded the easiest base, the one of the enemy or the one in the medium side. Most times, this defeat in their own base will enable your team enough time and HP advantage to force one side or another and finally own two bases, either yours and the enemies, either yours and the far base.

    At which point the game is favorable, just save hp, and keep enemy far. The game should be won with time naturally.

    1. maps with three bases in line
      This is the easiest to decide on strategy

    Middle base : surprise cap
    The middle base (by default I will call it B) is usually impossible to cap, being too exposed from all sides. So Attempting to surprise cap it while most slow tanks are still at spawn, will often make the difference. If you have the ultra fast Dracula or RU, especially lower tiers with smaller viewrange, surprise capping B will give your team a huge advantage for the duration of the game.
    especially if you are fast, you usually have a good viewrange, and if your team caps the same side base, which they should, they should be able to give a fire support. So in case anyone would come to decap B you can expect to outspot them and hide or escape, while your team has multi gun to shoot them.
    if you platoon, all the better, because two tanks will cap faster, and if reds manage to shoot one, the other can hide behind his toon mate and finished the capture.

    once middle base is capped, it is very easy to cap the base behind it, especially if the capper from middle base will add one more fun to win it over. With two bases you just need to survive to get the win. Never expose your self, just keep the reds far, and the game will be won in a minute.

    middle base, later cap
    In most maps where the two bases are in the slow and protected side of the map (usually a town) once you own one cap the game might be one cap for each team, at this point no advantage and it becomes a camping encounter game, or it becomes the luck of which team got his cap few seconds earlier. Both are not much reliable.
    you will move into the most exposed base at a time where enemy is spread and can shoot from many angles. At this point mostly the middle base is impossible or difficult. luckily you should have a bit more cover than if better support from your side, and better cover than the enemy to cap it, however the late cap is much more difficult.so hopefully your entire team is With you in the two bases sides and you can brute force the second, nearby cap. This is not as good because it relies more on brute force, which is not always on your team, and if you don't have brute force it requires huge amount of skills from you and the teammates, which well, never expect skills from your teammates.

    Follow up
    That is it for now, it might be a bit rough so I will come and clean up the text later on.
    please make your remarks below, It will make the guide richer with your contribution :
    some different opinion with solid argument to back up
    some question or misunderstanding,
    some specific cases that I haven't touched and worth mentionning,

    anythingnelse worth mentioning.

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