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    Dear fellow tanker, if your winrate is in the 50% :

    You might think that you are trying your best : every time you see a red you might jump at him shooting everything you have, including consumables. You wonder how can you do better, how do people have better stats ? Yet you still feel like the game outcome is random. Toss a coin, you will see the results of your game. Having a 50% winrate means that your efforts do not influence the game outcome and help your team secure the win. Team is a meaningful part here.

    The good thing is that there are ways to fix that.

    1- How to not improve your results :

    paying money to WG will only marginally improve your results, if you are not working on your skills and not changing your approach to the game.

    premium ammo will only help you against an ennemy when there is no other choice, they can be equipped for free, and in most situation, there IS an other choice, or there was an other choice in the past, that you couldn't identify. Premium ammo will rarely decide on a battle, except if you are last man standing against heavily armored opponent.

    getting the next tank will make not make you stronger or better. The higher you progress in the tiers, the harder it becomes, and the lower your results. That's easy to check by going into most people's stats.

    Playing more of the same will provide better results some day. Human beings easily build habits, and habits are what prevent you from progressing.

    2- who are people with good results :

    People usually check the results or profile of a player by detailing the player's stats. Like those in www.blitzstars.com or other sites. Don't confuse statpadders for good players.

    The statpadders will reroll to remove the ugly looking learning stats. He will influence the game by abusing OP tanks in audio platoon with other good players. He will spam gold and buy a full tank. Usually the statpadder is clearly an above average player, even decent or good, but usually not brilliant. His only goal will be his personal stats.

    The brilliant player will survive a 1vs5 situation in a lower tier tank. His stats might look very similar from the statpadder but he will tend to play higher tiers and weaker tanks, and will deal more damage per battle. I am not too sure what his goal is.

    Decide for yourself which aspect is for you. Or more exactly, as you will mix both, where is your line of fun. I'm not personally interested in covering the rules of a stat padder, so below I will only cover the rules of a good player :

    3- What to do :

    • dont get shot
    • shoot every time your reload is ready, keep in mind the rule above.
    • This is a team game : ask yourself, what does the team needs me to do right now ?
      strategy>tactics helping the team get an a advantage win will always win more than being a good 1vs1 player. The later is only an extreme situation which you want to avoid and which you might be forced into at the en of a game. 1 vs several of course is even worst.
    • know your role in the team. TD needs light to find a target. And the should cover to protect them, heavies should be in the main fight, and receive most of the fire. and so on. Youtube and forums is a good source.
    • prioritize targets.
    • Not all tanks and not all players are spawned equals. Removing one or two specific tanks might change the game. And that priority target may change by the second during the game development.
    • Know the maps. go to a place where your specific tank will have an advantage over the red team specific tanks. study the strategy for each map (where to go, when to push, etc..) usually youtubers like martindogger do these well.
      know your tank.
    • Study the tank in armor inspector or use the spreadsheet numbers to see who you can outreload, who will pen you, your best angle, your best position (hulldown, Sidescrapping, so on) where to shoot to pen and to disable crew and modules, and many other things)
    • abuse the game mechanics : Viewranges, camo, penetration angles, speed and reload, etc...
    • Always fight tanks from your tanks advantage and to the red tank weakness. if not, avoid the engagement as it will be a loss. dig in or run
    • Situational awareness is critical. In fact It sums up all the other rules and when to use them :
      The game changes by the second. The tipping point can be anytime. Read the minimap every five seconds, count every green and red tanks. Who is visible Who is hiding ?
      Why ? Where are they ? What do they want ? Every five seconds until u don't need to think about it any more.

    4-What not to do :

    • camp
      wait for something to happen. usually something bad will happen soon enough. something like, your team will die and The game will be you vs 7 reds in two minutes. That's green sure loss.

    • yolo
      go straight forward full speed until something happens. usually you meet several reds and die. this is called yolo. It will always happen too quick. The game will be 6vs7 at green disadvantage, and you will provoke a loss.

    • Tunnel vision
      suddenly see a red tank and decide it's a one vs one situation. Especially in the early game. That red tank has 6 friendly guns somewhere. Those 6 guns have the potential to remove you in less than 10s. The game will be 6vs7 at green disadvantage.

    • Face slap contest
      Come face to face with a red and stand there face slapping each other to death. most often the game will come from 7vs 7 with no green advantage down to 6vs6 with no green advantage. in the best case you will walk away with 100 hp unable to assess the situation and the next shot will remove you.

    • Fall in love with the wrong type
      every tank has its nemesis, it's worst enemy in the game. Either can kill you in one shot, or their armor is too strong, or they have more DPM, or speed... Use their poor accuracy or viewrange to fight them from afar. Use their sluggishness to beat them with speed, use their lack of armor to wreck them with HE, and so on.
      especially, Know them and avoid them, or arrange for your team to remove them first thing. you then gain incredible advantage over the rest of the red team as you dont fear your antagonist anymore.

    • Lone hero
      go alone somewhere if there aren't any green guns that can cover you and if you don't know how many reds are there. That combines a few of the don't and violates a few do from above but I often see that one happening.

    5- how to use this guide ?

    it takes 1000s of games to swallow and digest these rules. Just consider only one rule and play your games normally, with only that rule in mind. When you got it straight, when it applies without thinking about it, add the next rule. come back once in a while and read again. this applies also to the game mechanics, which I still read parts of, about once a month after 4 years.
    there might be situations dictating exceptions to some of the above rules, but that requires that you have deep understanding of the above, and have a precise goal in mind. as they say, you need to know the rule to break the rule.

    6- some resources :

    • this site obviously
    • the official forums are full of guys who wants to give advices, including about tanks, equipments, videos, and guides.
    • youtube
      I also sometimes use wotinfo.net for their camo calculator, and tank camo rating idea but those are based on PC values, so they only give you some rough idea.
    • checking your stats on a site to track your progress. Stats are difficult to understand and analyze, but they will help you identify problems in your gameplay or specific tanks. They can become a goal in themselves or a way to monitor your progress in a single tank, or results over a period of time.

    There are other sources of course but these are my favorite.

    Dont be shy if you liked this guide or if you have remarks. I will enjoy the thanks, and I might be able to improve the guide for the next reader with your suggestions.

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