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    March 11, 2018, 7:42 p.m.

    A paper by Frodo Nifinger

    Every tank has a standard viewrange according to specifications seen in the garage.

    This viewrange can be improved by installing crew provisions like black tea and/or tea and pudding with up to 13%. And/or equipping the tank with if optional a better turret and/or Coated optics under equipment. Coated optics adds another 10% to viewrange.

    The viewrange improves with crew training up to 100% crew. In addition to ordinary crew training special skills including camouflage can be trained under Tank destroyer skills. Another skill impacting spotting ranges is Deadly Accuracy, that is grinded under Tank destroyer skills too. These skills do apply to all tank types once grinded, However Deadly Accuracy only kicks in, when all your team mates are killed, and you are last man standing.

    Now because you drive a tank with 300 m of viewrange, it does not mean, you will see everything within 300 meters distance.

    The reason for this is viewrane is combatted by concealment!

    Every tank in the game has a concealment factor or camouflage value, that is not public shown anywhere.

    In fact every tank has 3 different concealment values for 3 different situations; sitting still, on the move and shooting.

    One exception is light tanks! They have by definition only two different camouflage values!

    One for sitting still and moving and one for shooting

    Now how does this work then?

    Well If you are driving a tank with 300 m of viewrange, and a BatChat 25T with camouflage paint is driving towards you in the open, you will not spot him until he is 198,8 meters away.

    How come?

    Mechanics are simple enough! Your viewrange of 300 m equals a 100% visibility

    A BatChat has a concealment factor of 33,72% (we know, because we did test this thoroughly)

    So your spotting range for the BatChat is 100% - 33,72% = 66,28% of 300 m = 198,8 m

    Had it been a Maus driving towards you, you would have seen him at 290,19m, because a Maus with camo paint and on the move has only 3,29% concielment factor!

    Camouflage resets after 10 seconds flat, meaning, when you drive out of viewrange or behind hard cover, you will become invisible to the enemy after 10 seconds.

    Deadly Accuracy

    Deadly Accuracy gives you 1% extra viewrange pr level you have grinded – So far from 0 to 7%.

    It only kicks in, when you are alone left on your team.


    Camouflage as a skill is trained under tank destroyers.

    The skill is active all game. Each level adds 3% to concealment, meaning at level 7 camouflage is 21% better than at level 0

    As an example, a light tank having 25% camouflage value at level 0 will have 30,25% camouflage value at level 7, a 21 % increase.

    All the tested tanks are at level 7 camouflage skill!

    If you desire to calculate the concealment value on your tank being at a lower level, you can use this formula:

    At level 0: Camovalue devided by 1,21

    At level 1: Camovalue devided by 1,18

    At level 2: Camovalue devided by 1,15

    At level 3: Camovalue devided by 1,12

    At level 4: Camovalue devided by 1,09

    At level 5: Camovalue devided by 1,06

    At level 6: Camovalue devided by 1,03

    We are in the process of testing concealment factor of every tank in the game!

    It takes effort and time, but we are getting there.

    This info will likely be able to be found from Map Inspector as soon as we have all data present.

    All known tanks for tier 5 to tier 10 have been tested

    Google spread sheet camouflage values all tanks tier 5 to 10

    *Note Spotter tank is a RU251 with 81% crew skills + Level 2 deadly accuracy skill activated.

    *Note 2: All results are calculated with Deadly skills activated on level 2 (+2%). We have tested for the effect and it falls within 1,85% and 2,2%, which is within our accepted 0,3% envelope!

    Note 3. All testing is done with spotted tanks at level 7, fully researched and upgraded, but without camouflage paint, unless it cannot be removed like Fury and Angry Connor.

    Note 4. 113 was tested with camo paint on +2% to camoflage and on camouflage skill level 5

    Note 5. AMX 30B was tested with camouflage skille level 5.


    Bush mechanics

    Everyone playing the game knows that bushes are good for hiding in.

    But no one has explored how the mechanics actually works.

    Rumors and beliefs often heard is, that if you drive into a bush and spot an enemy and pull back until the bush is no longer transparent, then you won’t be spotted at all, when firing.

    It does not entirely work that way!

    I have tested bushes and trees on all maps

    There are 6 different values across the maps, an there is a maximum of 3 values on each specific map.

    Now on Mayan Temple there is a miracle tree!

    There is only one and it has an insane concealment factor of 53,13%

    The magic bush

    Here is a complete list of Maps and the concealment value of bushes and knocked down trees:

    Black Goldville Bushes Concealment factor 37,67%

    Naval Frontier Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Castilla Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Knocked down tree Concealment factor 37,67%

    Copperfield Bushes Concealment factor 37,67%

    Dead Rail Bushes Concealment factor 37,67%

    Falls Creek Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Rockfield Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Knocked down tree Concealment factor 29,14%

    Middleburg Bushes Concealment factor 37,67%

    Lost Temple Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Himmelsdorf No Bushes

    Mines Bushes Concealment factor 29,14%

    Knocked down tree Concealment factor 37,67%

    Winter Malinovka Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Knocked down tree Concealment factor 37,67%

    Oasis Palms Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Desert Sands Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

                                                      Palms                 no Value

    Fort Dispair Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Knocked down tree Concealment factor 37,67%

    Port Bay Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Knocked down Pine Concealment factor 41,94%

    Knocked down Birch Concealment factor 37,67%

    Canal Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Knocked down Pine Concealment factor 25,23%

    Mirage Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Knocked down Palm Concealment factor 24,52%

    Vineyards Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Knocked down tree Concealment factor 37,67%

    Vines No value

    Yamato Port Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Knocked down Pine Concealment factor 41,94%

    Canyon Bushes Concealment factor 25,23%

    Mayan Ruins Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

                                                          Miracle bush   Concealment factor                  52,60%

    Dynasty Pearl Bushes Concealment factor 41,94%

    Knocked down Pine Concealment factor 25,23%

    Knocked down tree Concealment factor 25,23%

    Shooting from the cover of a bush

    There seem to be two set of rules applied to shooting from inside/behind a bush.

    First rule is when firing from close by a bush not only does your tank change to shooting value, but the bush itself drops its original value (41,94%-37,67%-29,14%) to 9,59% (likely 10% - We are measuring and working with 1 meter increments) This means when shooting from inside or close behind a bush a Batchat (my reference tank) camo value drops to 16,48% with all tested bushes.

    Except on Dead Rail! Here the value drops to 15,77.

    Difference from other maps measured with reference tanks is 2 meters.

    Second rule I have found is second set of concealment values that only apply, when the tank is more than 20 meters away from the bush.

    Now this is very hard to test, as there are very few maps, where you have the luxury of a bush with more than 20 meters of unopstructed straight space behind it and a relatively straight line, where the view for enemy tank is unobsured for 240 meters or so.

    I have only found such spots on four maps, Castilla, Fort Dispair, Black Goldville and Dead Rail.

    On Dead Rail, that seems to be odd one out, If you move back 20 meters from front of bush, the bush’ concealment value changes during fire to 37,31%. Including BatChat 25T shooting camo value this adds up to 44,24%.

    On Castilla and Black Goldville bush concealment value drops to 37,98%. With a BatChat firing the concealment number is 44,91%

    On Fort Dispair bush concealment value drops to 41,18%. With a BatChat firing the concealment number is 48,11%.

    There might be variants of the values on other maps, but we are not able to test it, since those maps does not offer the spots needed for testing with tanks.

    What to learn from this

    First of!

    Driving a light tank becomes a whole new concept!

    Knowing your concealment factor means you can drive closer to your enemies spotting them without being seen by the enemy. And you can relocate and open fire at a safe distance.

    You have now the tools to help your team by spotting the enemy!


    The differneces in camouflage between the different types of tanks can be descreibed as following:

    Heavy tanks have really bad camo, No heavy tank has better than 15% concealment values sitting still, Moving is even worse and shooting removes allmost any value left.

    Tank destroyers has in general very camo sitting still, decent camo when moving and is the tank type, that retains most of its camo while shooting.

    Medium tanks has in genereal very good camo sitting still and decent camo moving, however they loose a lot of their concealment whilst shooting

    Light tanks has exellent camo both on the move and sitting still. They loose most of their concealment when shooting.

    Some tank destroyers like E25 and jg.panzer IV can be driven as lights, as their caom ratings are exellent and shot concealment is exellent.

    How to spot and how to get spotted

    Your tank has a view point fixed at the base of your gun barrel and one on commanders cupola. when ever one of these points are in direct vies with an enemy and within viewrange minus reds concealment factor, you will spot the enemy. So if he sneaks up on you and sees your rear end sticking out while your commanders hatch is behind cover and he is further away than 50 meters, he will see you, but you will not spot him. The second there is a free line of sight between your commanders cupola and the enemy, you spot him.

    Your tank has 6 spotting points. One aft center of hull, one front center of hull, one on each side placed middle of tank hull. one on gun mantlet and one above center of the turret.

    When ever one of these spotting points connects i free line of sight with an enemys viewports, your tank will get spotted.

    This means you can drive both gun barrel and roadwheels through a bush and not get spotted as long as your gunmantlet or centre of front hull is covered by the bush.

    Special thanks to Minitelrose for helping out with tanks not in my own garage and work with spreadsheets and discussions about different mechanisms.

    Special thanks to IrmaBecx for helping out with new Chinese line and french Tank destroyer line

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