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    Dec. 16, 2018, 7:02 p.m.

    I recently purchased all of your Map Inspector products

    My problem is that HD view doesn't seem to be working properly - many small rocks or outcrops are displayed vertically into the sky - very distorted - and the maps are very choppy

    I am using the Chrome Browser - is there something I need to do at my end?

    Have a GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Video Card, screen resolution is set to the recommended size of 1920 X 1080 and have 4 Processors Intel i5 - 4690 CPUs @ 3.50 GHz

  • Dec. 18, 2018, 12:49 a.m.

    Hello Armor Slayer !

    I am sorry to hear that it isn’t quite what you expected. I have a short and a long answer for you.

    Before I start I would like to rule out if there is a particular unexpected issue with your device setup if things don’t work as intended, in which case a screenshot would help. This said, some visual artifacts are expected.

    The short answer is that map inspector is a project aimed at allowing players to analyze maps. The viewrange, the camo, the fire ranges, depending on each tank and location on any map. Including doing the same on replays, including viewing obsolete replays that the client cannot read. As such, it was never meant to be an aesthetic viewer of the maps.
    The app provides you with a way to try each tool on the mines map, to decide for yourself if you want to purchase it or not. Andrew worked for more than a hear on this project but still wanted everyone to be able to use it without paying. So you can use most functions or calculate yourself most mechanics, for exemple distances for viewrange or path obstruction for fire ranges. HD is meant to be a way to receive funding, helping Andrew continue develop new tools for the project.

    Now here is the technical answer.

    Wargaming doesn’t provide any content, so Andrew relied on a series of hacks to extract the original content from the game and recreate it with his own code.
    The map that you see in the game is visuals only, the map that the game uses for the mechanics is a much more simple, and that’s what Andrew tries to recreate. Also, for reasons of download size / storage / server limitations it all has to remain pretty small. So there are many simplifications needed to make the project work.

    The most difficult are parts of the maps that contain several layers or stories, or places like narrow streets where a lot of objects are close to each other. In the first case some volumes can get jammed because extracting it was too difficult and the visual map doesn’t like being downsampled into the mechanics map.
    In the second cases, obtaining the textures of the individual elements is too complex and that introduces visual artifacts. It could be better with unlimited file size but it would be very expensive for Andrew in server and for you in device storage, download bandwidth, and other things.

    The next issue is lods. It means that as the distance increases, the models get simplified. This happens in the game as well. I found that in map inspector it is sometimes very aggressive and make things look broken depending on the distance. This is a performance set up, for the app to run even on very bad devices such as old smartphones.

    Andrew and I talked about ways to make things look better. But with more months of work to implement and increased download sizes, it will never pay itself. Some small improvements may happen, for exemple just 2 months ago Andrew was able to lower the camera down to the game 3rd person view, instead of sky vision. It makes reviewing replays much more dynamic to be able to go down to that particular tank’s own vision. And personally, as a next improvement, I would love better looking little tanks running around and shooting at each other :)

    For all these reasons, the maps are a compromised between several things, including time spent developing all these, because Andrew does all this alone and full time. Again, the goal is to watch a replay and being able to analyse things like : who spotted you ? Why you couldn’t spot him ? And later improve your game play by turning the situation in your favor. From this view point, the app is a successful help. If you think this is not what you wanted, maybe Andrew is able to issue a refund, but maybe also you could have tested the mines map before your purchase.

    Let me know if you have more questions ?

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    Dec. 18, 2018, 8:53 p.m.

    Thanks for your excellent response

    You product has many benefits for many players but and ...

    Unfortunately, I am still very disappointed with the "HD" image quality of the maps on a PC

    I obviously will have to live with it and adapt to it

    Again Thanks

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    Dec. 18, 2018, 9:01 p.m.

    Here are two screenshots of what I see on my computer screen - not good at all

    Screenshot (59).png

    PNG, 979.0 KB, uploaded by ArmorSlayerCA.na on Dec. 18, 2018.

    Screenshot (60).png

    PNG, 1.3 MB, uploaded by ArmorSlayerCA.na on Dec. 18, 2018.

  • Dec. 28, 2018, 1:35 p.m.

    I see.
    Those are the trees from the game.
    The trees as seen in game have a special graphics, they aren’t volumes.
    Now in the server, they are boxes. Nobody knows exactly which shape they have.
    Andrew was able to find their silouhettes on the ground and the height.
    So he rebuilds a box that should be close to the game mechanics.
    The aim is to know what camo to expect.

    They are also transparent to allow see through (action and map behind)
    Now he spent literally months doing all this, and really he cannot spend another week making beautiful trees.
    He still improved the way tree look maybe 2 or 3 times in the past.

    In blitz there are almost no trees, but in pc you can see many trees.
    Sometimes I like to use the “tech view” it makes the map clearer to see the action as a team by reducing details and clutter.

    Final word : trees are a compromise, made with the things Andrew could find. If WG were to give exact shapes and properties it would be much easier. So like the rest of the app, it’s a compromise, and the goal is to show game mechanics and actions as close as it works on WG servers as possible. It is not possible to make things look or work better at the moment.