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    Back when the game launched, there was no source of information.
    Anything you wanted to know, you had to rely on, and adapt from the PC game.
    Things have changed thankfully, but for some aspects you still need to go see on PC sources.
    Especially mechanics have been investigated and documented for the PC game for a very long time now.

    Of course I write guides here and many other have made written, drawn, and video guides.
    but I take my infos and inspiration from external sources. Here are the most important ones :

    text sources

    official wiki

    This is made by PC players, but it condenses many years of findings, testing, and developers interview about the game.
    I read it one paragraph at a time and I go there often. What I understood when I first read it Beyoncé’s more profound when I read it again months later. Always go back to it when in doubt, even though it is a wiki (community written) there is nothing more official and more complete.

    official forums

    official forums are largely underused. Go there and meet people ! Some trolls, some opinionated, some drama, but all are there to help you. Especiallly many languages are in the EU and ASIA forums, so that might help you or a friend if English language isn’t your main quality.
    North America

    lexicon of terms used in the game (from the NA forums)

    Credit coefficients (from the NA forums)

    data crunching : Jylpah makes crazy number crunching based on blitzstars.com randomized data
    Some exemple here : forum.wotblitz.eu/index.php?/topic/45464-blitz-stats-analysis-best-tanks-aka-delta-wr-analysis-updated-page-6/pageviewfindpostp646257hl%2Bspot+%2Bwinratefromsearch1


    For some opinion on the game, I read Amaunet85.
    She (yes, she is a sister. Don’t find her in the red team, serious spanking is coming your way)
    She doesn’t write too often, but when there were outrageous moves by WG, you are sure to find the most documented and explicit rant in there.
    Speaking of which, the daily bounce is a famous host for wotPC blogs stuff.

    For the best nonsense, I always enjoy some drFerd reading.


    I’m really not a modded myself. I play on iPad, I never jailbreaked it. Some of the client aspects are bad. I hate the vanilla reticle. Sounds, voice crew and textures could be better, and the camos are most of them ugly.
    Some mods are legal, some are illegal, and frankly I don’t recommend that you build a cheater mindset. Learn, practice, be sport. It’s a game. Failing is also a part of playing and has no consequence on your life.
    Overall u need to reinstall the mods again with every new update, so it is basically some maintenance.

    This said I trust and appreciate the work done by Maddox, if you are interested in the mod scene, definitely check it out, it’s and amazing effort, high quality, overall just awesome. (Spoiler, tons of anime gorolo stuff)



    First of all there is the dedicated and official WG channel, mechanics explained, unfortunately they are for PC. They have one video for each aspect, visibility. Penetration, armor, and so on... they are very well done, and of course can be considered the official source.

    Right after that you need to check the Chieftain’s. He makes great video detailing actual tanks in museums around the world, but he also has a few videos about game tactics, and these videos are both extremely concise and explicit, which makes the most information for the length. So much, I run it at 75% speed. Plus. They are funny to watch.

    player made

    There are now many excellent channels on YouTube. They give tips on gameplay, they detail individual tanks, they make preview of future release or functions, they discuss strategy or how to use game mechanics, they make interviews, make fun stunts, and more !
    I list them below in no particular order - though I always recommend the top 3. Of course if you have favorite ones or your own that is not listed, make sure to let us know. Like all player made things, they require lot of time, don’t hesitate to show them your support.

    Bushka On Blitz:
    The community celebrity, the unequalled and fantastic Bushka! Always positive, this is broadcast television quality delivered right here.

    a new one from NA, but from a very good player, and the commentary are very detailed and precise. There is certainly some trick you will pick from his gameplay.

    “Hello this is sk8...” he says this, and everything else much better than me.

    Martin Dogger
    “the professor”. Education first !

    Hughbert Jass

    48 Ton Ruckus
    Super unicum. On a phone.

    NA strong tankin

    Not only an early player, but also a russophone and well connected with the devs. His channel is a great source of info and inspiration, and he does long session unedited streaming where you can see the fails and the success. Well, last time in 2 hours there was no fail. Don’t you wish you could do that ?

    aka Boogie0NE makes the funniest videos. It looks and feels like the real McCoy baby, so it probably is!
    Warning : Don’t try it at home.


    Of course there are many other great sources for info or for the laughs, and I will keep adding to this list once in a while. Don’t hesitate to suggest links !

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    I'd suggest you add Littlefinger, Angel_interceptor and Neaul_YT, I've found them very helpful and informative and I'm a tuber...

  • Jan. 21, 2018, 7:23 p.m.

    Thanks Mjr_Eazy I guess your post adds them already if people want to check. I had a look since I knew some of the players but didn’t know these channels.
    I added DMG as I think it makes a fantastic commentary on his gameplay, why he makes such choices, what is happening on the map and in his head, what works and what went wrong... it’s packed with a lot of info.